Today an actor told me:




“The stage manager is basically just the cast’s bitch. That’s all they are good for.”


I’m not even sure how I am supposed to respond to that.

YOU can do all of the paperwork that I have been doing since Christmas (for a show that doesn’t open until late April). You can show up an hour early to every rehearsal and be the last one out the door every night. (That’s five hours a night, five days a week, for the next 2 1/2 months by the way.) You can spend every waking hour in the playhouse for two weeks during tech/show week. You can deal with the divas, designers, and general onslaught of garbage when things go wrong (and they will). You can try to balance 22 class hours, a job, 2 shows, and attempt to maybe see your friends every once and a while. 

 I LOVE stage management regardless of all of those things…but they do make my job difficult. Please do not try to belittle me or the work that I do. And if you do feel the need to be “cool” and say stupid stuff like that…at least have the common sense to NOT say it right in front of me. 


Rant over. 

I hate when people assume we’re the show’s bitch when we’re doing more for the show than basically everyone else..

Stage managers, I stand behind you.

You have my wrench!

As a prop master who was recently told that I was essentially the Scenic Designer’s bitch, I feel you Stage Management people.